The plugin adds extended utility functions to your application's thorin.util

Installation and usage
npm i --save thorin-plugin-utils@1.x
'use strict';
// app.js entry file
const thorin = require('thorin');

thorin.addPlugin(require('thorin-plugin-utils'));   // <- add this line => {});
Plugin functionality
thorin.util.getDomainRoot(fullDomain) : String
Returns the root domain of the given domain, or null if it is invalid. -> -> ->
invalid-domain -> null
thorin.util.getDomainTld(fullDomain) : String
Returns the top-level-domain (com,, net, etc) for the given full domain
Returns the sub-domain of the given domain -> some -> null
thorin.util.minifyCss(source) : Promise
Performs CSS cleaning and minification
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