The plugin will wait until your Thorin application is booted and, given your application actions, it will generate a markdown .md file describing your actions and their input data. This should be included in the development only.

Installation and usage
npm i --save
'use strict';
// app.js entry file
const thorin = require('thorin');
if(thorin.env === 'development') {
   thorin.addPlugin(require('thorin-plugin-docs'));   // <- add this line
} => {});

# run to setup the plugin
node app.js
Default configuration
  • pathstring, docs/ the default output file path
  • themestring, markdown the theme to use when generating doc, currently only markdown

The plugin will listen for the thorin.EVENT.RUN event of your application, use all registered actions to generate the docs markdown file with the action's input data and possible authorizations and place it under docs/

Do you have a question or is something missing?

You can always create a new issue on GitHub or contact one of the core founders by chat.