plugin-loglet is a centralized encrypted log management system that stores all your application logs in a single place, encrypted, streaming them in your browser.

The project uses personal encryption keys to generate shared secret keys, used to perform end-to-end encryption (above TLS) from your node.js apps to your browser. In this scenario, the servers are working in zero-knowledge state.

The plugin was created to seamlessly integrate your application with For a more extensive view on how the logs are going to be sent, visit the repo.

Installation and usage
# install the plugin
npm i --save thorin-plugin-loglet@1.x
'use strict';
// app.js entry file
const thorin = require('thorin');

thorin.addPlugin(require('thorin-plugin-loglet'));   // <-- add this line => {});
Getting started
  • Download the UNLOQ app from the App Store or from Google Play and create an account
  • Login with UNLOQ at
  • Create an application with an environment and a minimal description. A default API key will be generated for you
  • Click the view icon on your generated API key and use the provided API Key and Secret, or the full Bearer token as credentials.
  • You now have centralized logging for your application
Default configuration
  • enabledtrue should log events be streamed or not.
  • boottrueby default, the logger will send a BOOT event, marking the boot of your app
  • ignore[]an array of logger names to ignore when streaming logs.
  • keyprocess.env.LOGLET_KEY the API key (short key) of your loglet application or the Bearer token (the long key)
  • secretprocess.env.LOGLET_SECRETthe API Secret of your loglet application. This works when providing the short API Key
Plugin functionality
Temporary disable the log streaming, stopping any log from exiting the app
Re-enables the log streaming.
Log entry information

By default, the plugin will send the following information inside a log entry. Additional informatino can also be sent when logging.

  • namethorin.idthe ID of your thorin application
  • namespacedefault the namespace used when calling thorin.logger(namespace)
  • message the string message resulted from calling log functions
  • data additional data that will be sent
  • tagsarray(string)additional tags that can be attached to the log entry
  • errorerorr an instance of an Error or a thorin error that will be sent.
'use strict';'Simple message');
log.warn('Some weird stuff happened', {
   tags: ['something','weird']
log.error('Oh well...', {
   data: {
      yourOwn: 'custom logger',
      id: 2333
log.fatal('Fudge....', {
   error: new Error("An error with its stacktrace captured"),
   tags: ['somewhere-in-the-app']
Do you have a question or is something missing?

You can always create a new issue on GitHub or contact one of the core founders by chat.