A small css-compiler plugin that works with scss files. It is essentially a wrapper over node-sass version 3.4

Installation and usage
npm i --save thorin-plugin-sass@1.x
'use strict';
   // app.js entry file
   const thorin = require('thorin');

   thorin.addPlugin(require('thorin-plugin-sass'));   // <- add this line => {});
Default configuration
  • watchtrueshould scss files be watched for changes? Useful in development
  • debugfalseshould we log every time we make changes? Useful in development
  • filesarray(object)an array of input and output files to work with. The path of both the input and the output files are relative to thorin.root
  • optionsobjectadditional sass specific options.
'use strict';
module.exports = {
   'plugin.sass': {
      watch: false,
      files: [{
         input: 'app/styles/main.scss',
         output: 'public/css/main.css'
      }, {
         input: 'app/styles/admin.scss',
         output: 'public/css/admin.css'
Plugin functionality
pluginObj.add(item, opt, onCompile)
Manually add a new file entry to be processed.
  • itemobjectan object containing input, output keys
  • optobjectadditional options to pass to node-sass
  • onCompilefunctionif specified, the function to be called when css is compiled.
Do you have a question or is something missing?

You can always create a new issue on GitHub or contact one of the core founders by chat.